1. What is the address of ShoppingUSA?

To access your address in the United States, simply create a free account at our website www.ShoppingUsaLLC.com. Your US address will be the address of the ShoppingUSA deposit followed by a Suite ID – unique number per user, used to identify purchases when delivered to our warehouse.

You can view your address + your Suite ID number by accessing the control panel after logging in to our website.

2. Is there a registration fee and / or monthly fee for the services offered by ShoppingUSA?

No, ShoppingUSA does not charge for registration and / or monthly fees for the services offered.

3. Will I have a mailbox (P.O. BOX) in the United States?

No. A large number of stores do not ship to P.O. BOX. Therefore, the address of ShoppingUSA is not a P.O. BOX and, consequently, yours will not be. The ID Suite number – the number used for customer recognition – indicates a box, to locate your purchases in our warehouse.

4. How it works?

By creating an account at www.ShoppingUsaLLC.com you will have access to your address in the US + Suite ID. After registration, the user is able to make purchases in stores in the United States and / or the world and send to the address of ShoppingUSA. When making purchases,

ALWAYS enter the number of your Suite ID, because through this number our team will identify your purchases and after the purchase has taken place, the user MUST include the tracking code of the package to be received by ShoppingUSA in your Control Panel – informing the + store

trace. Our team will receive your purchases, open the packages and register them by providing photos, weight and specifications of items received free of charge in your ShoppingUSA account – within 48 hours of receipt of the package. All your purchases will be stored in your Suite ID

and user will make the control / administration and shipping requests through the dashboard> under “My Suite”.

To request the sending of your purchases, simply select the products and the respective quantities that you want to send> make the customs declaration as you prefer> choose the services and extras> provide the delivery details> choose the mode of payment and the desired form of

payment. The ShoppingUSA system will automatically calculate the costs of your shipment and you will pay for it. After confirmation of payment our team will proceed to set up your box and dispatch the package within 48 hours, informing the user of the tracking number – so you can

track your package to the final destination.

5. Does the ShoppingUSA send as an individual?

Yes, all shipments will be made by individual, and may also be made of legal entity, when requested. In addition we send as “GIFT” (= present) and only in brown boxes or the USPS itself.

6. Who completes the customs declaration of shipment?

You are solely responsible for declaring the contents of the box to be sent, it is your duty and responsibility. Remember that the insurance of sending the box, when requested, is exactly the declared value, and it is not possible to insure a value greater than the declared. The declaration

must be made in ENGLISH.

7. Does ShoppingUSA remove the Invoices, inserts and / or other papers before sending my box?

Yes, our team pulls Invoices, for two reasons:

1 st. When making a purchase, you will receive in your e-mail a copy of Invoice, having the same validity;

2º. If your box is opened by the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service and contains Invoices and / or labels with values ​​of your products, if the values ​​in the declaration do not match, you will be impaired. Inserts, papers and others – which do not contain figures – will be sent in your box.

IMPORTANT: We do not send Invoices for assisted purchases because they are issued with company data.

8. Do shipments have full insurance?

Full insurance is optional. In the payment of the shipping of your box you will have the option to pay for the total insurance or not. Total insurance costs 3% on the value of the products (declared total value). It is not possible to make insurance with a value higher than the declared value.

If you want the insurance to be about the real and total value of the products contained in the box, remember that you must also declare the actual and total value of each product in the customs declaration, as it is only possible to insure the declared amount.

IMPORTANT: At the time of delivery of the box the customer should check that it is not damaged, damaged and / or stolen. If any of these damages are found, it is necessary that the customer request the drafting of the term of occurrence in the presence of the delivery agent (clerk at the

Post Office or with the postman) registering the damage. If this procedure is not followed, the damage insurance can not be triggered. This is the ONLY way the insurer knows you received the damaged order. By signing the receipt you will be attesting that the order was received in

perfect conditions.

9. What is the limit of weight, volume and value?

• Maximum WEIGHT: 65lbs (about 30kg);

• MAXIMUM VOLUME: 79 “(200 cm), calculated as follows: height + width + 2x depth;

• Maximum import value per individual: US $ 2,999.00 (per box).

* Limitations imposed by the US Postal Service – USPS.

10. How does ShoppingUSA know what my purchases / boxes are?

The recognition of the purchases / boxes delivered at ShoppingUSA is done through the Suite ID number, therefore it is the obligation of the user to ALWAYS enter the number of their Suite ID when making their purchases. Boxes with incomplete delivery addresses may not be available

in the customer’s account if they can not be identified. If the purchase / box is not claimed, it will be eliminated after 30 days of delivery to ShoppingUSA.

11. Does ShoppingUSA charge a storage fee?

No, we offer 60 days of free storage – from the date the purchase was registered in the User Suite. For purchases not sent within 60 days, a daily fine per product of US $ 1.00 (one dollar per day per product) applies. Products that complete 90 days from the date of registration (that is, 30

days after the expiration of the 60 days free) will be considered abandoned by the owner. ShoppingUSA reserves and will have full right to sell them through a public auction or a private sale without any prior notice to the user. Remember, ShoppingUSA is a redirection order company

and not a storage company, so have control over your purchases.

12. Will my cash be taxed?

The taxation or not of the packages is subject to the import regulations of each country. Check the laws applied in your country by clicking here.

ShoppingUSA sends all personal boxes, such as “gift” and in boxes without advertisements / logo-marks, in order to mischaracterize trade, but if your box is taxed be aware that taxation is solely and exclusively on behalf of the user . We do not offer any type of customs clearance service.


13. I made my purchase, when will my cashier be sent?

The deadline for registering your purchases is up to 48 hours useful after receiving them at ShoppingUSA. After registering, the user can request the sending at any time. The delivery time for your package is up to 48 hours useful after the confirmation of payment of the shipment.

ShoppingUSA also offers the extra express delivery service, which our team makes the assembly and despatch of your package within 12 hours after confirmation of payment. We will provide the user on the same day of the dispatch the tracking code to accompany the package to the final


14. Have I made an Assisted Purchase order, how long will I receive confirmation of the budget?

The deadline is up to 48 hours, but our team will do everything possible to confirm you as soon as possible!

15. My purchases appear as delivered to ShoppingUSA, how long will they be registered in my account?

Our team will register your purchases within 48 hours after delivery!

ATTENTION: In order for us to meet the deadlines it is the duty of customers to always register the tracking of their purchases in their control panel and place their Suite ID when making purchases.

16. My purchases are listed as delivered over 48 hours useful in ShoppingUSA and have not been registered in my account. What should I do?

Often, many stores will print out their purchase etiquette by cutting off part of the address because of the limited print characters. For this reason, when purchases arrive in our warehouse with missing and / or incomplete identification, our team will not be able to carry out the

registration of the same. In these cases, we wait for the user to contact us via email or ticket, informing us screening + Suite ID, then proceed with the registration.

17. I bought at the ShoppingUSA store, how long will the items be registered in my account to request shipment?

Purchases made at the ShoppingUSA store may take up to 7 calendar days to be registered in the user account.

Only after registration in the user account will it be possible to make the request for shipping to your country.

ATTENTION: The values ​​of products from the ShoppingUSA store do not include shipping to your country.

For more information about shopping in our store, go here.

18. What is the opening hours of ShoppingUSA?

Monday to Friday: from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. // Saturdays: from 9 a.m. to noon

ATTENTION: Orlando Time Zone | FL.

19. What are the shipping methods and deadlines?

• FIRST CLASS MAIL – cheaper shipping mode, no detailed tracking and delivery time can vary on average from 20 to 60 business days. In addition the weight limit is 4 pounds and the value of the order can not be more than $ 400.00;

• PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL – has detailed tracking and the estimated delivery time is 10 to 25 business days;

• PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS – has detailed tracking and estimated delivery time is 5 to 15 business days.

IMPORTANT: These are ESTIMATED delivery times by the USPS. Any delays in delivery to the final address is the sole responsibility of the local postal service in your country.

20. I do not have an international card, how do I buy in the United States?

If you do not have an international card or your payment method is not being accepted by the US online stores, you can use our Assisted Shopping service, for more information click the link in the top bar “Prices”.

21. Can I receive mailings (letters, catalogs, magazines, newspapers, etc.) in my Suite ID?

Of course! However, you should not use the ShoppingUSA address for other purposes, such as opening bank accounts, making documents, or the like.

22. What are the extra services offered by ShoppingUSA?


• Unlimited packet receipt;

• Registration of products with photos, weights and quantities;

• Storage of 60 days;

• Withdrawal of prices;

• Withdrawal of packaging;

• Removal of inserts;

• Withdrawal of Invoices;


• Consolidation and dispatch URGENT within 12 working days after confirmation of payment | $ 5

• EXTRA package protection – total enveloping | US $ 2.00

• FRAGILE adhesives for delicate handling of delicate products | $ 1.50

• “Happy Birthday” Designs / Stickers | $ 1.50

• Additional product photos | $ 2.00 per photo / product;

• Test if product is binding (we will not check specific features) | $ 3.00 per product;

• Return to the seller service | rate according to the weight of the package to be returned, from $ 2.50 to $ 20.00 (return fee);

Services related to your shipment request in the assembly of your box through our system, the others request through the email contact@shoppingusallc.com or in your control panel in MY TICKET.

23. Can I request a different service than the one offered by ShoppingUSA?

Yes, we are here to help you! Contact us by email: contact@shoppingusallc.com

24. Are there any additional fees for forms of payment?

Yes, the rates are as follows:

  • PayPal – acréscimo de 4.4% + U$0.30;
  • Western Union – acréscimo de 0%;
  • Ebanx – acréscimo de 8.5%;

    BRASIL – PayPal | Western Union | Boleto | Transferência Online.

    ARGENTINA – PayPal | Western Union | Rapipago | PagoFacil | Cupon de Pagos.

    CHILE – PayPal | Western Union | Sencilito | ServiPag | Multicaja | Webpay.

    COLÔMBIA – PayPal | Western Union | Baloto | PSE.

    EQUADOR – PayPal | Western Union | SafetyPay Cash Payment | SafetyPay Online Transfer.

    MÉXICO – PayPal | Western Union | Oxxo | Spei.

    PERU – PayPal | Western Union | Pago Efetivo | Safety Pay.

    OTHER COUNTRIES – PayPal | Western Union.

25. Can my ShoppingUSA account be suspended or canceled?

Yes. Should any fraud, credit card, or any other payment method be found on your purchases in the United States or any other country, your ShoppingUSA account will be terminated immediately and all your data including IP and personal data will be competent authorities and

establishments which have been harmed.

26. Does ShoppingUSA deliver the products in person?

Yes. If you are in Orlando / FL or region you may request delivery service. The value of the service is from US $ 30.00, depending on the distance, + service fee (from US $ 2.50 to US $ 20.00 according to the weight of the box) per box received by ShoppingUSA.

For budgets, delivery scheduling and more information, contact us at contact@shoppingusallc.com.

IMPORTANT: Deliveries must be scheduled at least 72 HOURS in advance. For non-scheduled or non-confirmed deliveries an additional fee of $ 50.00 + ShoppingUSA service fee per box will be charged.

27. Can I withdraw my purchases at the ShoppingUSA deposit?

Of course yes! The fee for picking up your boxes at our address is $ 10.00 + serviceUSA fee per box received (from $ 2.50 to $ 20.00 according to the weight of each carton). Scheduled withdrawals will only be accepted with a minimum of 72 HOURS in advance, by email

contact@shoppingusallc.com. For non-scheduled or unconfirmed withdrawals an additional fee of US $ 50.00 + ShoppingUSA service charge will be charged per withdrawal box.

28. Are there prohibited items? What happens when sending items not allowed to the ShoppingUSA address?
Any of the items listed below that are received in the ShoppingUSA store will be discarded and / or returned to the sender:
• Currency;
• Products that need to be refrigerated;
• Any item that is unlawful under US law;
• Firearms or ammunition;
• Perishable foods;
• Animal skins;
• Live animals;
• Human remains;
• Diamonds;
• Ivory;
• Postage stamp;
• Drugs or controlled substances;
• Alcoholic beverages;
• Cigarettes / Tobacco;
• Flammable or explosive.
29. What is estimated packaging weight?
In order to perform an agile and efficient service, increasing the autonomy of our users, ShoppingUSA registers products with photo and actual weight, that is, the way in which it actually arrived in our warehouse. Then, when the customer assembles the box for shipping, a weight margin
will automatically be added: the box, protections used to send the products (bubble wrap, etc.), tapes and labels. All this to ensure the safety of your boxes until delivery at your address. For cartons up to 8lbs, the extra is 15% and boxes above 8lbs the extra is 10%.
IMPORTANT: In some cases the weight of the packaging is higher than 10% – 15%, there are shipments that the package exceeds 100% of the total weight of the products, in these cases our team will contact the user and request the additional payment.
30. My question has not been clarified in this FAQ, what do I do?
Please contact us through the email: contact@shoppingusallc.com. It will be my pleasure to help you!