Terms and Conditions

By creating an account at www.ShoppingUSALLC.com you agree to ALL of the terms and conditions of use below. If you do not agree, disregard our services.

The Company

Shopping USA LLC, a company based in the city of Orlando / FL – USA, offers Assisted Purchase and Order Redirection services from the United States to Latin American countries, especially Brazil.

All content available on www.ShoppingUSALLC.com is the exclusive right of ShoppingUSA LLC; name, logo, contents, images, should not be used by other companies and / or people without the proper authorization.


ShoppingUSA services consist of: purchasing and / or receiving user purchases, registering – with images and specifications – all items received, consolidating the products and sending them to the user.

By using the ShoppingUSA services, each user has their own delivery address in the United States, followed by an ID Suite ID. It is not allowed to use your ShoppingUSA address to register in stores, banking purposes (eg opening accounts at banks, sending address of credit card invoices, etc.), creating websites and / or registering domains on the internet , among others. You should not use the ShoppingUSA address as your home address. The misuse of the ShoppingUSA address is a crime! If your ShoppingUSA Account is used improperly, it may be blocked.

All boxes sent to the ShoppingUSA address must contain the full delivery address + suite number ID + full name of the customer. If any of this information is incomplete, the ShoppingUSA team will attempt to locate the customer and, if it is not successful, will store the box for 20 days. If the box is not claimed within 20 days, it will be considered abandoned. The ShoppingUSA reserves and will have full right to sell them through a public auction or a private sale without any prior notice.


– To remove the boxes in our warehouse: US $ 10 + service fee of ShoppingUSA;

– For delivery of boxes in Orlando and region: starting at $ 30 (ask for a quote).

We also offer Assisted Purchasing service, where we buy the products indicated by the user. We will make purchases based on instructions and specifications passed by the user on the assisted purchase form. It is not our responsibility: quality of products, guarantees, exchanges, insurance, return orders, among others. In the event of failure to make the purchase, for any reason, ShoppingUSA shall not be liable.

The insurance of the boxes sent is offered by the carrier, not by ShoppingUSA, and is optional. At the time of payment, the user will have the option to pay for insurance – 5% of the value of the products (declared total value) – or not. It is not possible to contract insurance with a value higher than declared. In cases of damage or loss of boxes, it is not the responsibility of ShoppingUSA if the insurer does not accept the request for reimbursement.

To trigger insurance, if contracted, the user must:

– When receiving your box, check if any of the items are damaged, damaged, spoiled. If any damage is found, it is necessary that the user request the drafting of the term of occurrence in the presence of the delivery agent (clerk at the Post Office or with the postman) registering the damage. Failure to comply with this procedure makes it impossible to trigger insurance against damage. This procedure is the ONLY way to prove to the insurer that the user has in fact received the damaged box / items. If the user, upon receipt of the box, does not verify the conditions of the box / items and signs the receipt, he / she is claiming to have received all the items in perfect conditions.

Check the official link of the Post: “At the time of delivery of the order the consumer should check that it is not damaged, damaged, spoiled. If any of these damages are found it is necessary for the consumer to request the drafting of the term of occurrence in the presence of the delivery agent (clerk at the post office or with the postman) registering the damage “; http://www.correios.com.br/para-voce/correios-de-a-a-z/pdf/importa-facil/boletim-de-protecao-do-consumidor-as-importar-pelos-correios

– The user must that the items sent and insured are accepted by the insurer. Otherwise, even if the insurance has been paid, the user will not receive reimbursement for damage or loss. Examples of unsecured items: plants (flowers, seeds, etc.), works of art, food, precious stones, computers / laptops (including parts thereof, pen drives and the like), televisions, cell phones, money, cigarettes, eggs and etc. ShoppingUSA is not responsible for orders denied after activation of the refund with the insurer;

– The user must request the activation of the insurance before completing 70 days after the sending of his order. The insurance will not be valid after 70 days. For this you need to send an email to: contact@shoppingusallc.com.

IMPORTANT: The insurance covers the going of the product to the destination, so if the order is not withdrawn and / or searched for any reason, the insurance will not cover the return of the order and ShoppingUSA will not be responsible for the return of the order to the sender.

Security & Privacy

At www.ShoppingUSALLC.com users make payments in a 100% secure way in any of the payment methods chosen: PayPal, Western Union or EBANX Dollar Card. Through the PayPal Business account, we offer our users Security Certificate in their online payment transactions. ***

Information that travels between the user’s computer and the ShoppingUSA site is encrypted, ensuring peace of mind and reliability when using our system. We have SSL (https: //) with 256-bit encryption.

All information provided by users is kept highly confidential and is used only by ShoppingUSA for the purpose of customer and company relationship; aiming to improve the relationship between users and ShoppingUSA. It is our commitment to keep in absolute secrecy any information of our users, obtained through our website, respecting the exceptions foreseen in this policy.

Company Responsibility

Boxes that exceed: weight and / or volume and / or size allowed in each country are not our responsibility. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that its cartons and the products contained therein are in accordance with the laws of its country. Large and heavy boxes are more prone to damage during transportation, so ShoppingUSA is not liable for damages during transportation.

The contract with ShoppingUSA is to receive your boxes in the United States and send them to the user. ShoppingUSA has limited liability for the amount of handling fees, excluding shipping costs. All information entered by the user on our website is the sole responsibility of the user who inserted them. We are not liable for any damages, resulting from error or omission in providing incorrect and / or incomplete and / or false information. The filling of the shipping address is the sole responsibility of the user; our system prints the shipping labels according to the information entered by the user, therefore ShoppingUSA is not responsible for addresses filled in incorrectly and / or incompletely. It is also the responsibility of the user to correct the information in the request of the box, such as: Customs Declaration, box delivery address, choice of extras, etc.

ShoppingUSA is not a transportation company. It is out of our control and, therefore, we exclude any and all responsibility for shipping and shipping items. We also do not guarantee the identity of any user, nor do we guarantee that a recipient accepts the submission.

All USPS carrier’s Terms and Conditions of Use apply to user packages.

User Responsibilities

It is the user’s total responsibility to protect his password to access the ShoppingUSA account and should not pass it on to anyone, consequently, any activities and / or actions carried out with the use of his password, authorized or not by the account holder, is responsibility. The user must ensure that the contents, size, weight and / or volume, destination and / or recipient of his box are not subject to prohibitions and / or restrictions of the country of origin or country of destination. ShoppingUSA does not guarantee the delivery of boxes that are not within the standards of the import regulations of the destination country or export regulations of the United States. Large and heavy boxes are more prone to damage during transportation, so ShoppingUSA is not liable for damages during transportation.

It is strictly forbidden to use the ShoppingUSA address for the sending of: controlled remedies or remedies from other countries or that are not regulated in the United States – all remedies received by our staff will be discarded immediately without any notice to the user; counterfeit products and / or replicas – all products that qualify as counterfeits will be discarded immediately, without any notice to the user.

If requested, the user agrees to provide proof of ownership and / or identification and / or residence, in case of refusal, the user is aware that his / her ShoppingUSA account may be blocked / deleted and the products available in his Suite may be returned the stores and / or discarded without any notice.

The user ShoppingUSA is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information when declaring the contents of each box with its respective values ​​and quantities (Customs Declaration), being determined to follow the shipping rules, including all customs requirements of the country of destination, documentation and customs duties in the country of destination. Taxed and / or unsolicited orders that return to ShoppingUSA may be returned to the user upon payment of a new shipping fee, product return fees to the United States, and ShoppingUSA service fee. The user has 14 days to contact us and request a referral. At the end of the term, the package will be considered abandoned. The user is not allowed to pass for another person or entity, including ShoppingUSA, to declare himself falsely affiliated and / or act in bad faith as an affiliate.

If you open chargeback / dispute and / or attempt to cancel your card payment – Cards / PayPal and others – after making purchases and / or payment on our site, your account will be immediately deleted from the ShoppingUSA system.